Why Spy Adventures Never Go Out of Style

Hidden Escape : Secret Agent

Why Spy Adventures Never Go Out of Style

Secret Agent

When we first started bouncing off ideas for a new game several ideas floated in but we always went back to our pet idea – an espionage adventure. Now the spy games available on the store are mostly sniper shootouts or hidden objects variety. We haven’t come across a game that lets you experience the life of a secret service agent on a mission. Can you imagine – the thrill of a foreign land, deciphering cryptic messages and those mind-blowing gadgets and weapons! That’s what got us going.

At Vincell Studio, we are all massive escape room fiends and the idea of a spy escape room game packed with action, adventure and riddles excited us to the bone. We started by creating a militaristic country of Zoshea ruled by a vengeful, trigger-happy dictator who is bent of destroying the world for his ego. Our exciting vision came to life thanks to stellar art that will let the players encounter an oppressed land. But this was just the tip of the iceberg. 

The real adventure began when we created a parallel intelligence agency called the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) and engaging characters followed soon. Players will jump right into the action as they will explore the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) headquarters or travel through the militaristic land of Zoshea and even infiltrate the dictator’s opulent headquarters with it’s close to real-life art. 


Next, we drew inspiration from real espionage warfare to design our puzzles. From paintings that can be clues to phone books with covert Morse code messages. From building alpha guns to infiltrating the dictator’s highly secure den. From executing a prison break to taking charge of a crashing helicopter. We’ve ensured that every little detail is part of the larger picture. Get ready to go behind enemy lines, face life-threatening situations and make nail-biting decisions where one wrong move could cost millions of lives. Now, this is exactly why spy adventures never go out of style. 

What do you get to experience in this game? 

  • Incredible art that brings a fictional world to life!

  • Compelling puzzles, riddles, and codes!

  • Unique tools and weapons to help you along the way!

  • Put to action your superior sniper skills! 

  • Experience life as an elite secret spy agent!

We believe that spy adventures allow you to see beyond the obvious. One must look for clues and signs that eventually change the course of the ops. Much like in real life! Our secret agent Falcon isn’t ready to leave without answers. Are you willing to aid him in finding the truth and stop the dictator from starting the World War 3? 

Download Secret Spy Adventure for FREE on iOS or Google Play and do let us know what you think. 

Click here to download our game: http://onelink.to/nsxskv

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