Spy Agent: Reloaded

Hidden Escape : Secret Agent

Spy Agent: Reloaded

Spy Agent

An undercover mission, a shootout, and a prison break. Sounds like something that you might like? Then join us onboard for the new and updated Escape Games – Spy Agent. Thankfully you have Agent Falcon’s expertise and banter to keep you going. Because with a ruthless, humorless dictator who is hell-bent on starting World War 3, the danger levels are at code red! 

Agent Falcon's daring prison escape

Escape Games – Spy Agent was initially launched on the Andriod play store and it garnered some great feedback, as well suggestions. The game has a solid rating of 4.2 on the play store. But it wasn’t enough for everyone at Vincell Studios. We decide to do a surgical strike on the game, and it now has undergone a massive revamp.  

Players had reached out to us about suggestions for the hint system, bug fixes, language issues, and glitches. And we heard you out on all counts. What more? We’ve updated to an advanced engine for a smoother gameplay experience. We’ve introduced new art and scenes in the game. The dialogues have revised, and the hint system has been simplified. The update is currently live on Andriod and we’re soon to roll out an iOS version.    

Dive into a spy movie-style action – there are complex codes to be deciphered, puzzles to be solved, and sniper shooting opportunities. The stakes are higher than ever for our agent in this new adventure escape game.

Haven’t played Escape Games – Spy Agent? Download Now and save the world from a potential nuclear war. 

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