A mind-bending Horror Mystery Game!

Hidden Escape : Horror Mystery

A mind-bending Horror Mystery Game!

Hidden Escape: Horror Mystery is Vincell Studios’ latest attempt at telling a unique and original escape game story. A gothic horror tale that has more heart than jumpscares. A mystery where the ghosts are as trapped as Ana, our protagonist, who ultimately goes on a hero’s journey set the malevolent mansion free of its haunted histories.

Follow Ana, the talented investigative journalist, who heads to the Renshaw Mansion to look for her missing boyfriend, Finn. She finds him there, but she takes on more than she asked for. The ghosts of the mansion are drawn to Ana. But the menace of the mansion doesn’t come only from the ghosts who reside there. An evil entity known as the Plague Doctor lurks in the house. Ana must battle this horrific entity for her life. Here’s a quick overview of the game:

Chapter 1
Ana burns the midnight oil in the office as she looks for clues to find her missing boyfriend, Finn. She suspects this has got to do with the latest article. As the night wears on, Ana has an unsettling encounter with a mysterious lady.


Chapter 2
Ana’s discoveries lead her to Renshaw Mansion, a decaying house with a sinister history. She finds Finn there, but something is amiss. Together, they break into the mansion and the apparition of a headless woman wants their help. Should they trust a spirit?


Chapter 3
The situation gets spookier as Ana and Finn run into more terrifying ghosts. They both realize that the ghosts are trapped there and seek their help. Is it too late to turn back?

Chapter 4
Ana and Finn follow a hungry little girl ghost through the mirrors. However, the girl ghost has a mortifying appetite for not just food. Ana and Finn must fulfill her hunger cravings and not become a meal themselves.

Chapter 5
As the duo investigates the mansion, they encounter another ghost – a lady who loves to paint. Ana learns of a personal tragedy and how she is connected to the house. Ana encounters the Plague Doctor, a powerful presence who binds all tormented souls to the mansion.

Chapter 6
Ana escapes into a painting. Lost in the pocket world, Ana discovers clues on how to take on the powerful presence. But will it be enough?

Chapter 7
Ana and Finn return to the real world, but they are not in the clear yet. The Plague Doctor has imprinted on Ana and wants to keep her bound to the house. They must find a way to free Ana before she joins her ghostly friends.

Chapter 8
Ana braves her way into the heart of the house, the one place forbidden for even the spirits. Is Ana’s bravery enough to free her and the trapped souls? What will become of her now that she is in enemy’s domain?

Will Ana survive the Plague Doctor and the hauntings of the Renshaw Mansion? Download the game from Google Play Store<Click Here> or Apple App Store<Click Here> and find out. Enjoy the mind-boggling puzzles and clues that’ll help you in your battle against the evil forces!

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