Set Sails On Our Latest Murder Mystery Game!

Hidden Escape : Murder Mystery

Set Sails On Our Latest Murder Mystery Game!

Get on board with our latest game, Hidden Escape: Murder Mystery. Yes, it’s a classic whodunit murder mystery complete with an unexpected twist at the end. But that’s not all – you get an engaging plot, complex characters, and a peek into the head-spinning world of Reality TV. It’s sure to challenge your crime-solving, clue-finding inner detective. It certainly did so for the beta testers, most of who couldn’t guess the killer!

What’s the idea behind the game Hidden Escape Murder Mystery?

The inspiration for this twisty tale came about from our love for classic murder mystery by the writing legend Agatha Christie. Although we wanted to go beyond the obvious idea of several people in a house, one dies, and a detective has to solve the crime. We wanted a delicious, glamorous world that hides ugliness inside. Just like our characters, all of whom harbour secrets. Secrets that threaten the lives of everyone on the cruise. But which one of them is desperate enough to turn into a murderer if they are exposed? 

What's the real deal?

You’ll be exploring a stunning cruise ship with awesomely detailed graphics. There are fun mini games, intricate puzzles to solve, evidence to collect and a killer to catch!

The unsung hero of the game is the latest framework that we’ve used to create this game. It’s going to make the game less buggy, and give you an overall smoother experience. 
Several players had written to us about the in-game hint system, and we took their feedback to heart. We now have a simplified hint system that will help you navigate through the tricky puzzles. However, the game will continue to test you as we wouldn’t like to take out the fun of solving puzzles. 

Additionally, the game is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and Portuguese.

Where can you play it?

It’s time for you to go on an Adventure and scratch the find the killer itch. Check out Hidden Escape: Murder Mystery on Google Playstore.

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