Murder Mystery : Murder On Cruise

Hidden Escape : Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery : Murder On Cruise

A Reality TV show. An idyllic cruise. A murder. Multiple suspects. Everyone has an alibi. Everyone also has motives. Trapped on a cruise ship with nowhere to go. Who then is the killer hiding in plain sight? Mallory and Mark must find out before the killer strikes again!

But wait, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Meet social media’s sweetheart, Mallory Byrde. She sees good in everything, even when things go belly up. Which they will do on Sail Me Away, a Reality TV show, where Mal is one of the contestants. She can’t resist a good mystery and bonds with a fellow contest, Mark Davis to help solve the crime.

Meet Mark Davis, a lovelorn executive, is instantly drawn to Mallory. He is also pinned as the prime suspect because the dearly departed is his toxic ex, Ava. Bold and beautiful, Ava is never short on raising a storm and winning the audience votes. She makes no bones of her intentions to get back with Mark. However, he isn’t the only one who has a history with Ava.

Nora hates Ava’s guts for ruining her family. She is the youngest and the most resentful of the odd assortment of contestants onboard. However, no one is odder than Owen, a writer who is inspired by real-life events. His latest book is about a murder on a cruise, and he is not without shady intentions. But no one is shadier than Lucas.

Lucas, a con artist, will stop at nothing to get the grand prize. Just like his identity, his morals are interchangeable. He was Ava’s partner and the last person seen with her. Lucas confesses to his wrongdoings, all except hurting Ava which is questionable. Now no one on the show is more questionable than Ben, the show host. He thrives on his squeaky-clean public image, but has a murky past that no one knows about except Ava.

When Ava sabotages Mallory and Mark’s pair in the tasks, the social media is divided about her action, but she doesn’t change her stance. It is because of this fearlessness, she is discovered dead in a swimming pool by Mallory – someone who Ava openly undermined. The show is shut down, and island police take over the investigation. However, Mallory and Mark embark on their own clue finding journey and uncover nasty truths about everyone aboard.

The open and shut case becomes quite complicated because of the inconvenient truths. Mallory doesn’t know if she’s fallen for the right guy in the face of overwhelming evidence against Mark. Hidden Escape: Murder Mystery has an original storyline that is packed with enough wicked twists and turns that will leave you guessing until the end.

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Hidden Escape : Murder Mystery

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