Mini-Games for the Win – Part 2

Hidden Escape : Murder Mystery

Mini-Games for the Win – Part 2

It is fascinating that what started as a distraction from the long immersive hours of single gameplay has become a category of its own. Yes, we’re talking about mini-games or mini-puzzles as some like to call them. Don’t you agree that some of the mini-games are just so challenging and creative? And let’s not forget the surprise of puzzles popping up when you least expect them. You probably know all about our love for mini-games. We’ve built our titles with mini-games as the core gameplay. Need we say more?

In continuation with our previous blog, we have some more favourites from Hidden Escape: Murder Mystery title that you must check out.

The GPS Puzzle

This one came into being because one of our designers is directionally challenged. The man can’t distinguish left from right, and one has to use their hands to point our other-wise sharp dude in the correct direction. The office is in splits when we play Marco Polo with him on Friday evenings. Good times aside, we realized that our designer was one amongst many, and thus the GPS puzzle idea was born.    

The Bottle Packaging Puzzle

Now truth be told, this idea came into being when we were watching one of the reels on a social networking site. The video was of an ice cream packing plant, and we couldn’t help but drool. After ordering ourselves enough ice creams to last us until the next apocalypse, we realized what was so fun to watch might be even better to play. Of course, the players aren’t bottling ice creams but healthy ingredients for self-care. But it goes to show that inspiration can strike from anywhere, especially from ice creams! 

The Server Hack Puzzle

After binge-watching the Mr. Robot series, when one of the designers suggested this idea but we weren’t so sure. We didn’t want law-breaking lovebirds as our protagonists. However, we realized that both Mallory and Mark would stop at nothing to uncover the truth, even if it meant breaking a few rules. The server hack is one of those tricky puzzles that tease you because the solution is easy and yet not obvious.

The Wall Locker Puzzle 

Yes, we know there are so many locker puzzles that exist in the mini-game universe. However, there is a reason that there are so many. The players and designers love them. The lockers are like a mystery box or a treasure chest waiting to reveal their secrets to you; once you solve them. 

Now you know all about the puzzles from the Hidden Escape: Murder Mystery title. In case you haven’t played the game, you can download it here

And if you have played our games, tell us which puzzle is your favorite? Do you have an idea and would like to see it as a mini-game? Then write to us. We’d love to take your idea and convert it into an actual game.

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