A Whodunit Tale for all ages!

Hidden Escape : Murder Mystery

A Whodunit Tale for all ages!


At Vincell Studios, we are all major fans of murder mysteries in all formats, especially classic whodunits. Mysteries allow you to become detectives. Think about it, the stories present you with clues and information at the same time as the characters in the story. This means that you can crack the case along with the protagonists. Now that’s both thrilling and exciting! And a perfect playground for us to create enjoyable puzzles. Without further ado, we set out to create an original title that has all the trappings of a whodunit but wasn’t predictable. 

Mallory and Mark

Cut to a few weeks later, we had a compelling story along with a cast of some questionable characters. Even the protagonists – Mallory and Mark were not above suspicion. Now that we had this, we didn’t want the usually cosy countryside manor with no-escape kind of setting. We wanted it to be glamorous and aspirational for our players. That’s when we decided to put our characters aboard a luxurious cruise ship, for a Reality TV show. We realized that when characters harbor dark secrets, then even a dreamy paradise can turn into a nightmarish drama-fest. Our talented art team brought this vision to life by creating beautiful, yet hollow from inside characters. 

 Reality TV show

Hidden Escape: Murder Mystery’s story went into high gear when ironically a tragedy brought the protagonist, Mallory, and Mark together. The duo decides to conduct their investigation and thus take the players on a journey to solve the case. As they dive deeper into the mystery- they uncover clues, solve puzzles, and shocking secrets about everyone. Trapped on a luxury liner with nowhere to escape, the amateur detectives need your help to catch the killer who is hiding in plain sight!

Murder Mystery

Here’s what you get from the game:

  • Explore stunning real-life cruise ship graphics!
  • Conduct interrogations!
  • Solve interesting puzzles, riddles, and clues!
  • Engage with unique characters! 
  • Put into action your detective skills! 
  • Experience life on a Reality TV show!

Hidden Escape: Murder Mystery is packed with enough wicked twists and turns that will leave you guessing until the end. If you are a fan of whodunits, then join Mallory and Mark aboard and help them stop the killer before they strike again!

Download Hidden Escape: Murder Mystery Now and stop the criminal!

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