Hidden Escape: Lost Temple

Hidden Escape : Lost Temple

Hidden Escape: Lost Temple

Do you want to challenge your mind?

Are you a crazy fan of adventures, mysteries, and puzzles? Then “The Lost Temple”, our latest escape adventure game is definitely for you!

Embark on an electrifying journey with Liam, a renowned archaeologist, and Leela, an Indian symbologist to discover the lost temple of Sheshnaag, the magnificent three-headed serpent. Solve unique puzzles to move forward and find hidden objects.

Play now to quench your thirst for adventure, mystery, suspense, and thrill.

Explore The Lost Temple

Liam, Archaeologist, and Leela, Symbologist set out to find the Lost Temple of Sheshnaag in search of a Scepter that bestows the possessor with limitless power. They go through a series of discoveries and ultimately get the scepter, only to realize that it is only one of the 3 parts of the scepter! As soon as they collect the enchanted scepter, the temple begins to collapse. They manage to exit just in time before the temple caves in!

Explore The Cave

Leela and Liam find themselves on a path that leads them to mysterious caves. The caves have many hidden dangers like vicious snakes, concealed bombs and secret doors to name a few. They overcome all the obstacles and successfully retrieve the 2nd part of the Scepter. Then they work on an exit strategy and luckily stumble upon on a boat that has its sails set to a light house!

Explore Faraway Light House

Whilst on their way to the light house, the boat gets caught in a storm. Leela and Liam survive and find themselves shipwrecked near the lighthouse. All clues point out that the 3rd part of the scepter that lies within the lighthouse.

Explore The Light House

They overcome a series of challenges and find the 3rd part of the Scepter except for they realize that the lighthouse is dissolving! They need to call for a rescue ship and exit before time runs out.

Hidden Escape: Lost Temple Teaser

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