Mini-Games Can Pack a Big Punch

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Mini-Games Can Pack a Big Punch

Mini games

Players often think that mini-games are just incidental games planted within a larger game just so that players can ‘catch a break’. Not true, game designers and artists cherish creating this micro experience. They are meant to provide the players with mini-challenges and reward them for critical thinking, patience, and consideration

Mini-games have no defined place in the larger game – they can occur as time fillers, loading screens, Easter eggs, or can be a bonus stage, maybe even a secret level. Mini-games are meant to instantly engage and challenge players without spending a laborious amount of time or coins or health.

Why we love mini-games

At Vincell Studios, our love for developing juicy mini-games needs no advertising. And then a collective thought hit us like a lightning bolt. Why not create adventure escape games that we can populate with exciting mini-games! This will give a chance for the player to dabble with different mechanics and will also reward them for their ingenuity. So we set out to create games like Hidden Escape games like Temple Mystery Escape Room Puzzle and Secret Agent Adventure Mission.

Going back to mini-games, here are a few reasons why we continue to be inspired to conceptualize unique mini-games:

  • Mini-games allow for micro-interactions that can surprise, divert, or even reveal information to the players. In our games, we’ve employed mini-games that lead to breakthroughs and even to unravel the overarching plot.

  • Mini-games help reinforce a single learning objective. So if our rookie spy agent must learn how to trust his instincts, or dive deeper into finding the real truth, it’s built steadily through several instructive mini-games. 

  • Mini-games aren’t meant to fry your brain, rather they have a capped in difficulty level that can challenge you but not discourage you. When our rookie secret service agent has to break-in to a luxury train, or sniper shoot at guards, it will tease, test, and try you out, but not turn you off.    

  • Mini-games can really thrill. Whether it’s maneuvering a jet, deciphering Morse code, or building your own alpha guns these games introduce a new set of mechanics and objectives. Each of them deepens and enriches the player engagement.

Through interesting mechanics and clever integration, we’ve ensured that our mini-games flow seamlessly into the core world the game has created. Ultimately, we feel that mini-games not only add value, but can pave the way for your game to truly stand out. 

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