Recap 2021 – The year that was!

Vincell Studios

Recap 2021 – The year that was!

We are getting nostalgic about how rapidly this year went by. We had some great moments to talk about, but we also had our share of challenges. Regardless, 2021 was a year packed with important lessons. Now without further ado, here are our learnings:

Lesson 1: Be prepared for everything

The clouds of 2020 had parted, and we were back to working from the office. Finally, the much-needed bouncing ideas off each other for escape games and office banter were on. However, soon the country went into lockdown again. 

Vincell Studios was prepared this time. We had well-defined processes and guidelines for working from home. Our focus was not just on working but making it together as a team, as one unit that looks after each other. This frankly led us to our success and the next lesson.

Lesson 2: Grit will reap rewards

There is no replacement for hard work. Talent counts, absolutely, but you have to show up for your idea every single day. Even when you get knocked down; even when it gets boring or frustrating; even when you can’t see the solution ahead. We did just that for our latest murder mystery game – Hidden Escape: Murder Mystery.

We are proud to announce that our game was a runner-up in the indie games category at India Game Developer Conference (IGDC) 2021.

Wait, there is more – we got featured on Google Play soon after!

Lesson 3: Greatness is shared

We realized quickly that if we want to repeat the feat, we needed more hands on the deck. Our team grew from 17 to 34 members across several functions like engineering, testing, and art. This fuels us to do more, and we will be able to launch 2 adventure games in a year. 

Lesson 4: Gratitude is the right attitude

There’s no mystery puzzle about this one. We excel because players have been sharing feedback, reporting issues, and bugs. We’ve pored over the long feedback emails and messages that have told us what worked and what didn’t. Thank you, players, for contributing, supporting, and uplifting us!  

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