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Current Job Openings

At Vincell Studios, we provide an environment to succeed professionally and personally. We are in the process of creating a vibrant community of creative and results-driven employees for our mobile gaming venture. We are always on the lookout for resources to work on our next generation of mobile games. We always encourage qualified, experienced and aspiring candidates to submit their resumes to careers@vincellstudios.com

Game Developer

Your Profile:

  • - Strong experience in Unity 3D engine for mobile and Involvement in mobile game development including Programming of Graphics, Game Logic, Artificial Intelligence and User Interface.
  • - Write well designed, efficient and well-documented code using C#
  • - Work closely with game designers, game artists and game testers, and oversee the implementation of new features and systems
  • - Write robust code to be used by millions of users and independently create complete solutions from scratch and also make it reusable on various situations.
  • - Carry out unit testing during development and debugging
  • - Porting for various platforms like Android, iOS etc
  • - Handle 3rd party plugins and APIs
  • - Architect the code for memory and performance optimization taking ownership of quality, and analyze the game performance using tools and other methods
  • - Analyze key performance indicators, user testing and feedback; recommend coding solutions, and modify game concepts accordingly
  • - Deep awareness of the usability of target audience
  • - Stay current on industry trends including new game genres, game design best practices, and emerging technology
  • - Support game designer team on conceptualizing and prototyping of games
  • - Ensure the retention of artistic quality of the animation while coding without any loss of quality

Game Designer

Your Profile:

  • - Create fun and broadly appealing games for mobile and tablet devices
  • - Come up with new game ideas and concepts which will excite and engage the users
  • - End to end conceptualization of game and transform high-level game ideas into detailed and well-thought out concepts.
  • - Design, implement, and iterate on innovative and compelling game experiences
  • - Drive the game design through all production phases from initial concept to production and to release
  • - Construct engaging and creative gameplay systems with fun and thrill features that will improve user experience, engagement and monetization.
  • - Ability to create the designs, game mechanics, monetization mechanics, social mechanics and guide the implementation of game content and/or systems with an eye for engagement, retention and monetization
  • - Create GDDs, wireframes, flows and clear feature documentation for new games and content.
  • - Relate the design vision and requirements to game artists and game developers and work closely with game producers, game artists, game developers and game testers to reach a common goal

Game Concept Artist

Your Profile:

  • - Create beautiful characters, assets, environments, effects, icons, user interface and animations to be rolled out into the game
  • - Work closely with the development team to implement art into the finished product.
  • - Art specialties may include environment (props, buildings, landscapes, lighting and texturing), effects, icons and user interface.
  • - Create UI screens, menus and buttons
  • - Follow style guides and assist in their creation when required
  • - Follow production pipeline; ensure production art is created efficiently, and effectively integrated into products
  • - Export and assemble images from art files within prescribed technical parameters and protocols
  • - Assist with animation needs when necessary
  • - Prepare and maintain clear art documentation
  • - Support the team in game design
  • - Pitch new ideas to the team and participate in brainstorming sessions
  • - Participate in analyzing real-time feedback and metrics, and adjust game art accordingly
  • - Work closely with game designers, developers, artists and testers to reach a common goal
  • - Stay current on industry trends including new game genres, game art best practices, and emerging technology