Secret Agent Adventure Mission: License to Thrill

Hidden Escape : Lost Temple

Secret Agent Adventure Mission: License to Thrill

Secret Agent

Spy stories have always captured the imagination of the audiences. Whether it’s the ever-savvy Mr. James Bond who takes on fanciful villains who make their headquarters inside disused volcanoes! If you prefer, you can scale up the Burj Khalifa with Ethan Hunt in the Mission Impossible series. There is never a dull moment in a spy escape game. And we’ll be honest, at Vincell Studios we were itching to create an espionage adventure. So that’s what we have for you. Your next assignment is to assist Agent Falcon in a life-threatening spy mission to save the world! 


When we decided to create a spy based story game, the first theme that struck out for us was that even to this day and age, we have dictators who ruthlessly ravage their countries in an attempt to enforce their vision upon the general population. We knew this had to be the central theme of our game. But geopolitics have been often grim and a humorless world. And in coming Agent Falcon who knows what the work truly requires but won’t lose his cool. Agent Falcon has been a maverick, always talking, rookie agent who is thrown into a mission far above his pay and grade. We’ve created a character who delivers thrilling secret escapes, precious Intel and snappy one-liners with just as much aplomb. Needless to say, that’s why we think Secret Agent Adventure Mission has the license to thrill! 

Agent Falcon traverses through the elusive land of Zoshea which is much of the mystery to the whole world due to the dictator’s restrictive and regressive policies. As our agent teams up with the local rebel hero, La On, he unravels shocking secrets. Inspired by true spy movie-style action, intrigue and adventure we’ve designed plenty of complex puzzles, intricate codes, break-ins and rescue ops. And wait for it – we’ve got some serious sniper shooting opportunities as well. The stakes are higher than ever for our agent and the new adventure escape game. 

Why you should play this game?  

  • A unique storyline
  • Stunning graphics that transport you to a dangerous fictional land
  • Challenging puzzles and riddles
  • Memorable characters
  • Refreshing dialogues
  • Experience life as an elite secret spy agent

As a team, we believe that games must allow you to be the hero. We do hope that the online vigilantes will be inspired to commit acts of heroism in real life as well. And let’s not forget –games are meant to have fun. And that’s what we did. We do hope so our players will feel as excited about Secret Agent Adventure Mission as we are. So are you ready to rise to the occasion and stop the global crisis?


Download Secret Agent Adventure Mission for FREE on Google Play and iOS (coming soon) and please let us know your feedback!

Google Play Store: Hidden Escape: Secret Agent Adventure Mission

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