Our Latest Hidden Escape Game

Hidden Escape : Lost Temple

Our Latest Hidden Escape Game

Lost Temple - Light connecting puzzle

Players today are no strangers to escape games. In the last few years, the escape room genre has developed a fan base of its own, and one can see why. These games are thrilling, exciting, and many of them have engaging storylines. We at Vincell Studios are major fans, in fact, it is our collective fascination for this genre and pizzas that brings us together as a team!


The Lost Temple is our first foray into a fantasy adventure game, and it draws its inspiration from Indian mythology. Many of us grew up listening to tales that had enigmatic characters, intense battles, but most of all the surprise elements – the curses, the boons, the potions, the giants and the artifacts. Relics that would bestow an ordinary man with superhuman strength or transform a man into an immortal being who is rumored to still be alive! Inspired by these legends, we’ve designed a game with unexpected turns, mind-blogging puzzles, and art that will transport you to a mythical era.

Liam and Leela - The Lost Temple

What’s so special about an Indian adventure puzzle game, you ask? The Indiana Jones-esque feel of being trapped in a mysterious site that promises a treasure unlike any other. The thrill of the unknown, the terror of the unseen, and hope to find what has yet been unattainable. Beware for the threat that could be upon you as you uncover baffling clues and follow a trail that will take you deeper in the heart of danger and discovery! 


As a team, we believe that games mimic real life. We often find hidden treasures in the risks that we want to avoid taking. Games embolden us to take that leap that we’ve been holding off from. They make us believe that it is possible and achievable. We’ve taken special care in ensuring that the puzzles are challenging but not entirely frustrating. We want our players to enjoy looking for solutions. The game is peppered with clues and hints that will keep the player on course. So are you ready to go on a quest to retrieve the lost scepter of the Supreme Sheshnaag?

Lost temple Puzzle
Hidden Escape: Lost Temple

Why would you love this game?  

  • Unique puzzles that will augment your problem-solving ability
  • Brilliant graphics that will bring an Indian myth alive
  • An original storyline
  • Interesting characters
  • Extraordinary art 

About us: Vincell Studios is a young start-up that has a humble but a hugely talented team of game developers, designers, artists and collaborators who work tirelessly to bring to you exciting ideas. It is our sincere attempt to provide games that are engaging and different. Of course, there are lots of things that we can work upon, and we are constantly striving towards improving those. We’re looking forward to hear from you on what you think our first Indian fantasy adventure escape game.

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