Our Latest Update to the Temple Mystery Game

Hidden Escape Lost Temple

Our Latest Update to the Temple Mystery Game

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You asked and we delivered. The last two chapters of the Hidden Escape: Temple Mystery Escape Room Puzzle are out. This game has been quite a journey for us at the Vincell Studios, as this was a ‘first-ever’ for the motley crew of designers, artists, and writers. We’ve taken into account all the feedback about crashes, fixed the bugs, and adjusted the kinks. Hopefully, the new version will live up to your expectations.


The story of the scepter

Imagine a power like that of Sheshnaag’s scepter in the hands of evil. Liam faces the tough reality of this scenario in chapters 5 and 6. If Dr. Knight, the power-hungry archeologist, gets away with the scepter, he’ll know how to activate and then the world will suffer the consequences. Dr. Knight is vicious and worst of all a patient enemy who has waited for decades to find the powerful relic. Don’t worry, we won’t give away more of the plot here. Through chapters 5 & 6, Liam and the players will know what really happened when his grandfather discovered the scepter’s location. And what or who lies at the heart of the ruined temple, guarding the scepter.  


More ingenious puzzles

The special ingredient to any great adventure escape game is the devious puzzles. Your adventure will lead you to the depths of the temples, through trapdoors and secret passageways, and there’s a secret cave too. 

We’ve come up with an interesting bundle of puzzles – escape the arch villain’s captivity, beat the brawny baddie, find your way out of the maze of the ruins, and face the wrath of the temple’s terrifying guardian. There’s never a dull moment in the action-packed last two chapters.

Let us know if we lived up to the promise. We are eager to hear your feedback. As an indie studio that is barely a year old, your comments, even the scalding ones, are accepted and appreciated as they help us grow and propel us in the right direction.  


Download Hidden Escape: Temple Mystery Escape Room Puzzle from iOS and Google Play.

Click the URL to download: http://onelink.to/zw9r9q

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