How We Make Game Art

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How We Make Game Art

At Vincell Studios, we hear this a lot-“You make games for a living that must be so fun and easy.” Yes, we have loads of fun but creating games is a complex process – whether it is a simple platformer or something as intense as an MMORPG. Games are a labor of love. Especially when you are working on point-and-click adventure games like ours. Several functions have to work together to create a game that both engages and thrills the players. Although it is game art that transforms an idea into a real project.

The game art for all adventure escape games has got to be unique, innovative, and exciting. The art in each scene does the heavy lifting of not only narrating the story but also presenting exciting puzzles. Hence, we’ve developed an internal process that helps us explore and push the envelope of our games.

Step 1: But idea first

It all starts with an idea. However, ideas just don’t come into existence. Once we have finalized the story of the game, the artists and other teams are encouraged to brainstorm. Throughout the process, teams are encouraged to enrich their initial ideas and follow their inspiration. We work together so that we can weed out all the formulaic ones. Once the ideas crystalize, we refine them which leads us to the next step. 

Step 2: The nuts and bolts

We spread out our ideas like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. How one scene would lead to another. Which puzzles would work where. We hammer in the nuts and bolts to create a piece of working machinery. At this stage, the game art has a thriving mood board that has character and scene detailing in place.    

Step 3: Draw them out

Now that all the details are in place, the artists wave their wands and create magic. The initial concept art is sketched out in full flourish. There is a flurry of activity and excitement as everyone sees their ideas come to life. Once the basic sketches are drawn out, puzzles and other detailing are added steadily.    

Step 4: Sketched to perfection

At this stage, the game art has gone through several iterations and improvements. The characters match their on-paper personalities, the scenes have details that would miss an untrained eye, the puzzles are hiding in plain sight. And the artists are like proud mother hens.

Step 5: Add in the color 

At this stage, color, textures, depth, lights, shadows, and other details are added to game art. There is a defined color palette that reflects the mood and tonality of the individual scene, and also the whole game.

Step 6: And it’s good to go

All final touch-ups, colors, flourish and drama is added in. Post this stage, the game art gets integrated with the game engine.  This 6-step game art process is followed for every scene, for each of our games. We hope this will give you a better idea of how we make game art, and how robust and hands-on the process is. And while this might sound intense, we have fun along the way. We’re in the business of making fun after all.

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